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Welcome to JHAAC

Jagannath Hall Alumni Association of Canada(JHAAC) is the forum of former students of Jagannath Hall, Dhaka University, Bangladesh. Common origin, feelings and values are the foundation and inspiration of JHAAC.  It is to bring together Jagannath Hall  alumni and their families in Canada in an extended family environment with sense of helpfulness and co-operations. It is to focus on providing information on employment, education, training and  others to new comers/ alumni for ease and success in their endeavour of settling down in the new home- Canada. It is the place of sharing experience and joys and to provide help to others in time of need.

Together we can build better future for us and next generation in Canada.

Mission & Vision of JHAAC

  1. To create a network of former students of Jagannath Hall, Dhaka University who are residing in and who are trying to immigrate in Canada.
  2. To create family ties amongst the members and their families through gatherings, funs and other ways.
  3. To promote a sense of helpfulness and foster cooperation  among members.
  4. To maintain and upkeep common feelings and values of origin.