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Jagannath Hall Alumni Association of Canada (JHAAC) is an association of former students (alumni) of Jagannath Hall (residents or attached) of Dhaka University living in Canada. JHAAC will be registered as a non-profit social, cultural, charitable and educational organization under the Law of Ontario.

JHAAC was established in 1995 with the initiative of some former students of Jagannath Hall. The aim and objectives of JHAAC will be, inter alia, as follows:

a) To unite all the former students of Jagannath Hall residing in Canada under the banner of JHAAC and enroll them in its register.

b) To promote brotherly and cordial relation among its members by organizing various activities/social events by JHAAC.

c) To keep members informed of the addresses/whereabouts of all alumni in Canada and any other important news regarding Jagannath Hall and its past/present students anywhere in the world.

d) To promote a sense of helpfulness among the members by providing help (financial or otherwise) where needed to members and any past or present JNH student in distress.

e) To foster co-operation among members by providing information, advice, and other help in the matter of employment, education of children or any kind of help to benefit the members, if sought.

f) To cooperate with other associations professing similar objectives in particular, in areas of social, cultural and educational activities.

g) To undertake such other activities which are not opposed to/inconsistent with the aims & objectives of JHAAC.

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